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goqite (pronounced Go-queue-ite) is a persistent message queue Go library built on SQLite and inspired by AWS SQS (but much simpler).

$ go get github.com/maragudk/goqite

See goqite on Github

Don't like queues? Get the Skip function to skip the queue for your messages!


package main

import (

	_ "github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3"


func main() {
	// Bring your own database connection, since you probably already have it,
	// as well as some sort of schema migration system.
	// The schema is in the schema.sql file.
	// Alternatively, use the goqite.Setup function to create the schema.
	db, err := sql.Open("sqlite3", ":memory:?_journal=WAL&_timeout=5000&_fk=true")
	if err != nil {

	if err := goqite.Setup(context.Background(), db); err != nil {

	// Create a new queue named "jobs".
	// You can also customize the message redelivery timeout and maximum receive count,
	// but here, we use the defaults.
	q := goqite.New(goqite.NewOpts{
		DB:   db,
		Name: "jobs",

	// Send a message to the queue.
	// Note that the body is an arbitrary byte slice, so you can decide
	// what kind of payload you have. You can also set a message delay.
	err = q.Send(context.Background(), goqite.Message{
		Body: []byte("yo"),
	if err != nil {

	// Receive a message from the queue, during which time it's not available to
	// other consumers (until the message timeout has passed).
	m, err := q.Receive(context.Background())
	if err != nil {


	// If you need more time for processing the message, you can extend
	// the message timeout as many times as you want.
	if err := q.Extend(context.Background(), m.ID, time.Second); err != nil {

	// Make sure to delete the message, so it doesn't get redelivered.
	if err := q.Delete(context.Background(), m.ID); err != nil {